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6 sales staff of electronic components terminal

Job responsibilities:

1. According to the market development plan formulated by the company, explore potential customers through telephone calls, visits and other ways;

2. Complete the sales target set by the company, complete the sales channel sales system, and understand and guide customer needs;

3. Dig and feedback customer demand and market information, and make customer inquiry and quotation;

4. Track the implementation of customer orders (contract signing, delivery, payment recovery, etc.);

5. Prepare and write sales plan, plan completion report and analysis report;

6. Maintain relationship with old customers and expand business with new customers;

Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.


College degree or above;Major in communication and electronics;

At least 1 year sales experience in related electronic components;

3. Have considerable flexibility and the ability to analyze and solve problems, as well as strong marketing ability;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, initiative, excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit;

5. Strong psychological endurance, dare to accept challenges and pressure, pioneering and innovative spirit;

6. Having certain factory customer resources is preferred;

Two foreign trade salespersons of electronic components

Job responsibilities:

1. Follow up the development of foreign customers through email according to the customer information provided by the company, follow up the business trends of customers, maintain good relations, and promote business transactions;

2. I can develop new customers according to my own ability, do good customer maintenance, dig deep into foreign demands, and improve the transaction rate.


1. College degree or above (fluent English is not required)

2. Good command of written and oral English, cet-4 or above;

3. Experienced in electronic foreign trade, familiar with B2B websites;

4. Able to independently develop customers and deal with customer enquiries; good communication skills; able to communicate with foreign customers by phone and email;

5. Strong team spirit, strong sense of responsibility and ability to work;

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am -12:00 PM 13:30-18:00 PM

Salary and welfare: basic salary + commission + social security + year-end bonus


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